The sun rises over Brooklyn brownstones. Trash awaits pick-up on the curb, and streetlights still pinprick the block.

A Lingering Blush of Cold Dawn

Our star now breaks above the horizon at eminently reasonable hours.
2 min read
Bundled Christmas trees are piled in stacks on a city street. A man in a suit navigates the green labyrinth on a cell phone.

Escape the City in Corridors of Fir and Pine

Like the Great Birnam Wood moving to Dunsinane Hill foretelling the downfall of Macbeth, a forest is invading New York City.
3 min read
Three pumpkins, accompanied by autumnal mums and a decorative cabbage grace a doorstep under some waning potted plants.

Air Becomes Crisp, Pumpkins Appear

Pumpkins are appearing on stoops, balconies, and bodega storefronts.
3 min read
Window air conditioning units jut out in perpendicular cubes from the floors of a brownstone.

A Brigade of Precarious ACs Plays Its Droning Song

The heartbeat of the city is the steady drip-drip drip-drip of air conditioners.
3 min read
Photo-snapping pedestrians and cars jostle for road space on 42nd street as the Sun flares between buildings.

The Sun Stops Traffic

A celestial body aligns with concrete and steel titans... Manhattanhenge approaches.
3 min read
Red and white roses sprawl over a front garden fence in front of row houses.

Stop and Smell the Stoop Roses

In front yards by brownstones, peeking through wrought iron fences, and climbing trellises against apartment buildings... the roses are opening.
2 min read
A pedestrian strides across a long gutter puddle on the way to the safety of the sidewalk.

Water on the Street Forms Chasms of Unfathomable Depth

As our city has grown, so have its puddles thanks to the expanse of concrete leaving water with nowhere to go.
2 min read
Two traffic cones stand guard before a gaping pothole that has already eaten their comrade cone, as well as some trash.

Potholes Manifest from Winter Freezes

It’s reported that the city has hundreds of thousands of potholes a year; a monumental annual rite of repair.
2 min read
Large clouds of steam billow from nighttime streets. Neon lights lend vivid color to their forms.

Steam Rises from the Ground in Phantasmagoric Clouds

In this second edition, we consider the spectral weather emanating from the winter streets.
2 min read
The Solstice Arrives and Shadows Lengthen into the Darkest Days

The Solstice Arrives and Shadows Lengthen into the Darkest Days

Look down and watch your shadow stretch to its longest height.
2 min read