A man walks along a partially covered outdoor subway platform. The floor is all puddles.

Subway Waterfalls Cascade Over Commutes

Even on cloudless days the subway is wet.
2 min read
A peregrine falcon soars far above a large suspension bridge and a shore lined with large buildings.

Peregrines Nest at Perilous Heights

Peregrines thrive in the city not only because of its variety of dizzying perches but also due to its constant smorgasbord of their favorite food.
3 min read
Specks of firefly illumination pepper the grassy expanse of a cemetery at sunset.

Fireflies in Multitudes Signal Their Desires

As the sun sets on the warmest nights of summer the air becomes alive with blinking lights.
2 min read
A pedestrian strides across a long gutter puddle on the way to the safety of the sidewalk.

Water on the Street Forms Chasms of Unfathomable Depth

As our city has grown, so have its puddles thanks to the expanse of concrete leaving water with nowhere to go.
2 min read
Large clouds of steam billow from nighttime streets. Neon lights lend vivid color to their forms.

Steam Rises from the Ground in Phantasmagoric Clouds

In this second edition, we consider the spectral weather emanating from the winter streets.
2 min read