Central Park

A rain-bedraggled pigeon faces the elements in the midst of a pedestrian crosswalk.

The False Spring That Is Followed By Cold Rains

Take heed of each day in March. It will try to catch you unawares.
2 min read
Purple crocuses erupt across the brown winter landscape that sprawls below leafless trees.

The Crocuses Awaken

The crocus breathes out its feather-veined lavender and white petals, coalescing like warm words on a cold morning
2 min read
Field of stars in the night sky. The three brightest form a triangle to the left of the constellation Orion.

The Great Dog of Winter Is a Beacon in the Night Sky

Even where light pollution shrouds most constellations from view, Sirius—the brightest star in our night sky—is especially visible in winter.
3 min read