House Sparrows Weather Winter in Urban Hollows

House Sparrows Weather Winter in Urban Hollows

The house sparrow in New York City is so common as to be almost invisible, surviving winter in the small spaces of our built environment that most overlook.
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A peregrine falcon soars far above a large suspension bridge and a shore lined with large buildings.

Peregrines Nest at Perilous Heights

Peregrines thrive in the city not only because of its variety of dizzying perches but also due to its constant smorgasbord of their favorite food.
3 min read
A group of ducks preens on the rocky side of a body of water. Others leave a v-shaped wake as the swim.

Ducks Arrive In Fantastic Feathers

Ducks are not like the rest of birds.
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The snake-like s-shaped neck of a great blue heron is silhouetted against tall marsh grasses and the ocean behind.

Marsh Birds Wade On a Fragmented Shoreline

Some birds visiting the city may find a haven in acres that have been reclaimed for wetlands.
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A particularly cute puffball of a shorebird with a tiny beak and big eyes patrols the Rockaway sands.

Piping Plovers On the Beach

Some of the city’s tiniest annual visitors have arrived to enjoy our shores, but they face formidable challenges.
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