Camera trap image of an adult coyote at night as it walks through a woodsy space. Its eyes glow in reflected light

Yip-Howls Pierce the Night

For the next few weeks, coyotes will be particularly vocal—keeping track of their family members and warning off interlopers.
2 min read
A yellow jacket with bedraggled antennae scouts crumbs on a paper plate laid in the grass.

Wasps Feed On the Last Dregs of Summer

Suffer them to eat your crumbs, for these are the last hours of their fleeting days.
3 min read
A pier-like structure spirals out into the confluence of river and tide. A person looks out on skyscrapers across the water.

Our Shores Awash In Brine

Salt water meets fresh and their clenching embrace thrusts the saline line of the Hudson up and down from the Battery to Poughkeepsie.
3 min read
The tight spiral of a sunset-color-streaked shell pushes out of damp beach sand.

Beaches Are Strewn with Scraps from a Ravenous Feast

Witness the detritus of one of the city's most voracious predators, the moon snail.
3 min read
A monarch butterfly opens its wings while feeding from milkweed flowers, a fire hydrant looms in the background.

Milkweed Blooms Draw Monarchs

On a hill of former trash, monarch butterflies find a haven.
3 min read
A lizard clings to a wooden fence rail.

Lizards Bask In a Haven of Their Own Making

New York City’s only state park preserve exists thanks to a lizard once released as snake food.
3 min read
Specks of firefly illumination pepper the grassy expanse of a cemetery at sunset.

Fireflies in Multitudes Signal Their Desires

As the sun sets on the warmest nights of summer the air becomes alive with blinking lights.
2 min read
Eight horseshoe crabs emerge from the waves onto the beach. Many are covered in barnacles and males are latched to females.

Horseshoe Crabs Lay Eggs Under a Full Moon

Weaving between discarded dogfish heads and tampon applicator flotsam, they are crawling.
3 min read
A particularly cute puffball of a shorebird with a tiny beak and big eyes patrols the Rockaway sands.

Piping Plovers On the Beach

Some of the city’s tiniest annual visitors have arrived to enjoy our shores, but they face formidable challenges.
3 min read
A pair of mourning doves sits atop a fire escape railing, looking out over several adjoining backyards.

The Morning Croon of Mourning Doves

Lie there, listening, as the morning chorus of backyard birds swells.
2 min read