Prospect Park

A vibrating green carpets the surface of Prospect Lake, with patches of varying vividness.

A Toxic Green Flourishes

A vivid suspension of green on green—antifreeze floating on Mountain Dew and swirled with slime. It is the time of Harmful Algal Blooms.
2 min read
A pedestrian strides across a long gutter puddle on the way to the safety of the sidewalk.

Water on the Street Forms Chasms of Unfathomable Depth

As our city has grown, so have its puddles thanks to the expanse of concrete leaving water with nowhere to go.
2 min read
The imposing, leafless arms of a large tree create an imposing silhouette against a backdrop of buildings and the street.

Admire the Bones of our Great Trees

Linger before the skeletons of slight zelkovas and mighty oaks. Marvel at the wooden menagerie stretching above our streets and parks.
3 min read