Green-Wood Cemetery

Specks of firefly illumination pepper the grassy expanse of a cemetery at sunset.

Fireflies in Multitudes Signal Their Desires

As the sun sets on the warmest nights of summer the air becomes alive with blinking lights.
2 min read
A near ostentation of cherry blossoms overhangs a grassy walkway as visitors stroll the garden paths.

A Frenzy of Cherry Blossoms

Photogenic alleés may attract crowds, but discover trees throughout the city in less-trafficked spots.
3 min read
A pedestrian strides across a long gutter puddle on the way to the safety of the sidewalk.

Water on the Street Forms Chasms of Unfathomable Depth

As our city has grown, so have its puddles thanks to the expanse of concrete leaving water with nowhere to go.
2 min read
Field of stars in the night sky. The three brightest form a triangle to the left of the constellation Orion.

The Great Dog of Winter Is a Beacon in the Night Sky

Even where light pollution shrouds most constellations from view, Sirius—the brightest star in our night sky—is especially visible in winter.
3 min read