Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A tree with trumpet-shaped purple flowers dominates the foreground. Behind, a B train passes on exposed tracks.

Invasive Trees Enchant with Regal Blooms

Paulownias grew fast and ferociously, a quality that made them prized until their persistent proliferation was revealed.
2 min read
A near ostentation of cherry blossoms overhangs a grassy walkway as visitors stroll the garden paths.

A Frenzy of Cherry Blossoms

Photogenic alleés may attract crowds, but discover trees throughout the city in less-trafficked spots.
3 min read
Purple crocuses erupt across the brown winter landscape that sprawls below leafless trees.

The Crocuses Awaken

The crocus breathes out its feather-veined lavender and white petals, coalescing like warm words on a cold morning
2 min read
The imposing, leafless arms of a large tree create an imposing silhouette against a backdrop of buildings and the street.

Admire the Bones of our Great Trees

Linger before the skeletons of slight zelkovas and mighty oaks. Marvel at the wooden menagerie stretching above our streets and parks.
3 min read