Our Waterways Witness an Underwater Procession

Our Waterways Witness an Underwater Procession

On this spring equinox, we celebrate the underwater life returning to our urban archipelago.
3 min read
The snake-like s-shaped neck of a great blue heron is silhouetted against tall marsh grasses and the ocean behind.

Marsh Birds Wade On a Fragmented Shoreline

Some birds visiting the city may find a haven in acres that have been reclaimed for wetlands.
3 min read
A pier-like structure spirals out into the confluence of river and tide. A person looks out on skyscrapers across the water.

Our Shores Awash In Brine

Salt water meets fresh and their clenching embrace thrusts the saline line of the Hudson up and down from the Battery to Poughkeepsie.
3 min read
A vibrating green carpets the surface of Prospect Lake, with patches of varying vividness.

A Toxic Green Flourishes

A vivid suspension of green on green—antifreeze floating on Mountain Dew and swirled with slime. It is the time of Harmful Algal Blooms.
2 min read